The turf is started in European countries. The performance of their artificial turf is generally higher than that of China. The introduction and use of artificial turf in China took less than 10 years. With the continuous renewal of artificial turf fiber and the continuous transformation of manufacturing machinery, The development of artificial turf in our country is still very fast. Artificial turf, which uses chemical fiber materials, has the advantages of durability, simple maintenance, and good surface uniformity. It has been favored by the market since its release in the mid-1960s, and is particularly suitable for surface smoothness and uniformity. Ask for a higher competition. However, it also has obvious disadvantages such as high hardness and poor buffering performance. The characteristics of artificial turf and artificial turf are: the price is high, medium and low, suitable for different groups of people. It is light and large and beautifully laid. The artificial grass brings a different scene to the school. The useful life of the grass is more than two years and more than five years. Relatively high cost performance. Artificial turf can be used for any occasion, can be moved, and now artificial turf gradually into the family life. By comparison, the future site laying market will be occupied by artificial turf.


Although there are many kinds of turfgrasses in China, turfgrass species need to rely on imports to meet the market demand, because China’s turf industry started relatively late, turfgrass breeding work behind, so far there is no better cold-type turf grass species In recent years, the amount of turfgrass seeds has gradually increased, and the import volume has also increased year by year. China has not yet established its own turfgrass seed production breeding system, and domestic seed research is limited only to seed physiology. On the other hand, the warm-season turf has poor cold resistance. For example, Zoysia sinica, Monarda sinica, and Bermudagrass often die due to low temperatures and droughts in winter and spring, and they can not stably overwinter. This has brought major difficulties to the development of the grass industry.


The turf grass has great advantages and will undoubtedly be used more and more widely. The recommendation and opening of artificial grass fields by the authorities and sports departments of the international football community have provided favorable conditions for promoting the universal use of artificial grass fields in hot regions, high-cold areas and countries and regions where economic conditions are not suitable for natural grass cultivation. conditions of. Artificial turf in the country, its products have experienced a period of rapid development. Since it has been accepted by only a few professional clubs, it has been widely used in the construction of stadiums in the vast majority of institutions of higher learning. Moreover, more and more primary and secondary schools have also joined the ranks of users of artificial grass products. Artificial grass products have taken steps. Into a new stage of unprecedented development.


With the vigorous development of sports and mass leisure sports in China, artificial turf playground has become a symbol of China’s modern sports facilities. In recent years, there has been an increasingly strong new trend in leisure venues across the country ranging from school stadiums, kindergartens to the community. The quality of sports turf will directly affect the quality of people’s sports, fitness, and leisure activities and the life of the lawn. With the continuous pursuit of sports and health, people have more and more functions and quality requirements for the use of sports turf. Artificial turf should be born from time to time. The overall layout of the artificial grass sports field is beautiful, the usage rate is high, long life, durable, easy to maintain, and can be used throughout the day. Artificial grass material is environmentally friendly, on-site paving, quality is easy to observe, and construction is convenient. Artificial grass is breathable and water-permeable. It can be laid on asphalt or concrete foundations. The basic quality requirements are not high, cracking does not occur, and there is no worry of blistering and delamination. It is both simple and economical.