Nowadays, there are many high-rise buildings in the city. Although the concept of urban greening has gradually been taken seriously by people, the green area or potential green area is still being squeezed. At the same time, a large number of rooftops still not are decorated.

Most of the time, we are full of anticipation, and we are planting grass on the roof to make the house look like a dream. Sometimes ideal is plump, but often reality is thin! Because of the weather, the late maintenance and a variety of reasons, roof may become so.

Most people think that now the lawn can only be used in the football field or garden landscape, if you have that idea, you are wrong, now many family has been in use for indoor artificial lawn to decorate his warm little “nest”, artificial turf is cost-effective, cost is low, bright appearance, the four seasons green and lively, good drainage performance and long service life.

The artificial lawn looks almost exactly the same as the real grass in appearance. It has a high degree of authenticity and can achieve excellent lawn greening effect!

Give you a piece of green, everywhere is nature. Give you a piece of green that is both ornamental and useful. It’s like being in nature.