We are familiar with artificial turf, for example, materials, artificial turf is the use of polypropylene or polyethylene and the two polymers mixed fiber;In terms of appearance, this fiber structure of artificial turf follows the shape and color of natural grass;In terms of performance, artificial turf will not be affected by weather factors.All of these have led to the widespread adoption of artificial lawns in leisure venues and international competitions, which can adapt to the weather at all latitudes.That is to say, whether extremely cold or hot, dry or humid, will not affect the stability of the artificial lawn.

This is natural grass can never be done. In contrast to artificial turf, natural turf can easily become uneven due to changes in conditions such as rain, ice, and sunshine, and the site is uneven, which seriously affects the performance of its use.

Compared with the natural lawn, the artificial turf performs more prominently in terms of service cycle, flatness and frequency of use. In addition, the construction of the artificial turf is quick and easy, and the maintenance cost is low. One day, the artificial turf will completely replace the natural turf.

It is known that in addition to football field, residential landscape has become one of the application hotspots of artificial lawn, which fully proves that the gradual expansion of the appli