rubber infill for artificial turf
Non-slip shock absorption, giving you a safe and free sports space.

artificial grass infill Series – Rubber Granule 

The top artificial grass infill material, your best choice for football court.

Thermoplastic elastomer TPE rubber are a good filler on artificial turf. Environmentally friendly and highly resilient, it is the ideal product to replace existing black waste tire particles. TPE material, halogen-free, non-toxic, no vulcanization, in line with the sustainable development concept of environmentally friendly and recyclable standards.Fully compliant with EU environmental standards. Scope of application: football field, badminton court, tennis court, playground ground, kindergarten ground, plastic runway, artificial lawn, various indoor and outdoor venues.The presence of artificial turf rubber infill helps the players on the field to find accurate support points and center of gravity, reduce strain and accidental injuries, it is an indispensable material on the football field.

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