All ConstMart artificial grass products are built to be safe, and guaranteed environmental protection.

Const Mart is the premier artificial turf manufacturer and supplier

The ConstMart has professional artificial yarn, artificial turf technicians more than 50, covering six lines of automatic extruding system, choosing the best raw materials from industry: Anti-UV addictives, Anti-Aging addictives, producing with stable quality and trustable products.


Using advanced artificial yarn, artificial grass production lines to improve the quality


ConstMart have imported Germany made automatic Air Texture & wrapping production line to produce artificial yarn, strict quality management system, imported oven machine, backing system, greatly improved the product quality and efficiency of the lawn.


Yarn Production Germany made automatic air texture & wrapping

Yarn Production Germany made automatic air texture & wrapping production line contributes to the perfect quality of Const Mart products.Compared with the similar equipment in China, out production efficiency has improved by 200%


The most advanced control systems in the world with reliable Germany made technology enable the perfect control of every single process of fiber production. Based ono the production ability, Const Mart makes customized high-quality requirements possible.


Except the perfect quality, it also provides multi-functions. It can not only produce a large scale of air texture yarn in varieties of curvature and Dtex, but also produce wrapping yarns. Coompared to traditional twisted yarn, the wrapping yarn has the advantages of low damage, no deformation etc. All these factors greatly enhance the quality of artificial grass.

High efficiency:

It provides high quality products with great efficiency. Compared with the equipment that other domestic manufacturers have, our production efficiency has increased by 200%.


Integrated management system of R&D, Production Management and Quality control

Const Mart established a perfect system of R&D, Production Management and Quality control, built the independent laboratory, which is able to test on anti-wearing ability, anti-aging ability, mechanical and physical properties. Based on the increasing investment of R&D, Const Mart set up solid cooperation, Const Mart technical team has a consistent supply of talents and newly developed technology, which can fully satisfy different kinds of customers’ needs, and have already become the mainstream in domestic market.

  1. R&D analyze
  2. Test
  3. Trial production
  4. Product test & Adjustment
  5. Production
  6. Application & Feedback
  7. Adjustment & Fixed
  8. Launch to market

Const Mart is the first Chinese enterprise which truly achieved the integrated management from R&D, production management to quality control.



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