With the demand for artificial grass steadily on the rise, more suppliers and distributors are eager to take advantage of this booming industry. With so many different products available, why should you choose ConstMart over the rest? Simply put, it is a matter of quality and experience.

ConstMart was founded in 1998, which means we have 20 years of history and experience under our belts. Unlike other companies who are capitalizing on the new demand, we have seen this industry evolve and know what works.

We realized a need in the market for a non-perforated backing that would have consistent drainage throughout the life of the turf, and new players in the market have yet to discover the complications that can arise from punching holes into the turf.

All of our products have decades of experience behind them, ensuring each one is manufactured for peak performance and durability. Also, we manufacture our products in our own facilities in the China. We have complete control over what goes into our synthetic turf, and we make adjustments to continuously improve.

Since we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality synthetic turf in the industry, we would not trust just anyone to install it. ConstMart ’s network of dealers has undergone a rigorous training program to ensure they follow the proper process. Many of dealers have over 10 years of experience installing artificial grass. Plus, we continue to provide tips and training to ensure their techniques stay on the cutting edge. By utilizing one of our ConstMart authorized dealers, you are getting an installation that matches the quality of our turf.

There is a reason we are ConstMart  – when it comes to artificial grass, we are the professionals.


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