Ready to be done with muddy paws and lawn destruction?
Ready to be done with muddy paws and lawn destruction?

PetPRO Series – Pet Grass and Artificial Grass for Dogs

The only pet grass choice for your pet related applications.

Our extremely durable, pet-friendly PetPRO® series artificial grass for dogs is the most attractive way to maintain a pleasant, safe, odor-free environment for you and your pets. The PetPRO series artificial grass system — which includes twelve different outdoor turf product options — is a high-quality synthetic grass lawn system created with your pet in mind. Specifically designed and engineered for pet use, the PetPRO series artificial grass for pets features specially treated polyethylene, making it virtually impossible to stain or discolor. Also, dogs can’t dig or chew through our artificial grass. The Envirofill Infill is non-toxic to your pets, while allowing urine to drain right through, making it ideal grass for dogs, that will last a lifetime. With the PetPRO series turf grass system you and your pet can have a beautiful lawn.

Please contact us to have ConstMart Artificial Grass Bulk Sale help you improve the usability of your yard. To learn more about the various PetPRO Series artificial grass products featured below, click on our pet fake grass and explore. As your manufacturer-direct, artificial grass wholesale retailer, we are proud to offer high-quality pet grass products at affordable prices.



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