Current Specials – Artificial Grass and Fake Grass Cost

Looking for the best bang for the buck for artificial grass cost?




  • Made with high quality components to replicate natural grass
  • Quad-Color Technology
  • UV resilient
  • 8-Year warranty
  • 30 inches per hour drainage capacity
  • Meets or exceeds EPA standards for RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals including lead
  • Only available in LXR Pro

Detailed Product Information

70t® Synthetic Turf Specification and Materials


  • Pile/Face Weight: 70 ounces

  • Pile Height: 1.5 inches

  • Tuft Gauge: 3/8 inch

  • Total Weight: 102.5 ounces


The fiber shall be 100% non-abrasive polyethylene designed specifically for outdoor use and treated with UV inhibitor and stabilizers to resist the effects of ultraviolet degradation, heat, foot traffic, water and airborne pollutants. The fiber shall meet or exceed EPA standards for RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals including lead. The fiber shall meet the following requirements:

  • Primary Yarn Type: Polyethylene Monofilament

  • Denier: 9,400

  • Thickness/Shape: 230 micron ww

  • Primary Color: Lawn Green & Olive Green

  • Thatch Yarn Type: Texturized Polyethylene Monofilament

  • Thickness/Shape: 70 micron rectangle

  • Thatch Color: Lawn Green & Brown (Tan)


The primary backing shall be a heat and UV resistant product. The primary backing shall provide dimensional stability in all directions to prevent stretching, and distortion upon installation. The secondary coating shall saturate the primary backing and effectively lock the fiber tufts in place. The backing shall meet the following requirements:

  • Primary Backing: 13 pic and 13 pic poly back

  • Weight: 6.5 ounces per square yard

  • Secondary Coating: Urethane 26 ounces per square yard

  • Drainage Perforations: 3/16 inch diameter at four inches or less on-center on both axis


  • Width: 15 feet

  • Length: 100 feet (also available by the lineal foot)

  • Shipping Weight: Approximately 1/2 pound per square foot

  • Roll Diameter: Approximately 2 feet


  • Type:ConstMart, Sand or Crumb Rubber

  • Application Rate: 1-2 pounds per square foot

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